Whoopee Cushion

Whoopee Cushion

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Brand:  Henbrandt

Whoopee Cushion

This classic novelty Whoopee Cushion will provide plenty of laughs from children through to adults.

Measurements is approx 16.5cm diameter.
Suitable for children aged 4 and above.

Each cushion comes retail packed with a straw inside and instruction (pictorial).

Insert the straw, blow into it and remove straw to maintain air inside the cushion.
Note: If you keep the straw inside then it will not hold any air as whatever air you blow in will come back out.

As this is like a balloon product it's important that care is taken when using. How long these last will depend on how you use them and maintain them. Jumping on these can cause damage so please be aware of this.

Price listed is for single unit and you will receive a random colour unless you request a specific colour by contacting us.

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