Extra Strong Itching Powder

Extra Strong Itching Powder

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Brand:  Funnyman

Extra Strong Itching Powder

There are many ways you can use this on your victim; you can put it in their trousers, shirts, hat, tights, underwear, socks, or even sprinkle it on their bed or just throw it at them.

Do not use on sensitive skin
Not suitable for children below 9 years of age.
Ingredients: Crushed Rosehip

Please note that this works on 99% of people. If this does not work for you then this will not indicate a fault in the product but would rather be a matter of it simply not working for you as it works on 99% of people. Furthermore, if you are looking for an itching powder that will work 100% then this may not be suitable for you. There is a chance that this may not work on a group of 5 or even more people too so please be mindful of that. Once opened it cannot be returned. You will have better chances of this working on areas where sweat occurs as that is mostly where this works - but please do be mindful of the above.
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